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Ekso Bionics Launches New Exoskeleton for Neurorehabilitation

The EksoNR includes a touchscreen controller for therapists. Image: Ekso Bionics

August 15, 2019      

RICHMOND, Calif. – Ekso Bionics Holdings today unveiled the EksoNR, the next generation of its EksoGT robotic exoskeleton, developed for neurorehabilitation purposes. The EksoNR is an intuitive exoskeleton that “empowers patients recovering from stroke or other conditions to learn to walk again with a more natural gait.

New features and software enhancements now give physical therapists and patients to get more out of each rehabilitation session, the company said. For example, EksoNR is equipped with EksoView, a new touchscreen controller that lets therapists intuitively adapt assistance to challenge patients by using real-time feedback, and perform outcome measures during use. The EksoView gives visualization of exercises beyond gait training, including balancing, squatting from a sit-to-stand position, lifting one leg, or standing in place.

Optimized SmartAssist software enables EksoNR to have a smoother and more natural gait path when transitioning between steps, the company added. The software also gives gait symmetry and posture feedback and lets therapists track patient progress through the upgraded EksoPulse cloud-based analytics system. EksoPulse now uses rehabilitation data to generate metrics and graphs for therapist dn administrators to monitor a patient’s progress and outcomes.

Ekso Bionics Jack Peurach

Jack Peurach, Ekso Bionics

“Ekso Bionics is committed to developing the latest exoskeleton advances for rehabilitation,” said Jack Peurach, CEO and president of Ekso Bionics. “We continue to innovate to ensure physical therapists have access to the latest tools to deliver better patient outcomes and superior care in neurorehabilitation. EksoNR is a full neurorehabilitation tool that is effective, intuitive, and differentiating. There is an increasing demand for adoption, as our technology sets rehabilitation centers apart.”

Ekso Bionics, an RBR50 2019 honoree, said EksoNR is cleared by the U.S. FDA for stroke and spinal cord injury rehabilitation. In addition, the device is CE-marked and available in Europe.

The company said it will begin taking orders for EksoNR immediately, and existing customers will have an option to upgrade their systems.