July 20, 2014      

Webcast and research report

Exoskeletons is the breakout story of 2014 in the healthcare robotics segment. We?ve been following its growth all year (see our complete exoskeleton archive), and those astounding advances are why exoskeletons made our front cover for Healthcare Robotics: 2014.

With both Cyberdyne and Ekso Bionics offering well-timed IPOs, and Argo?s ReWalk next up to follow suit, relief is ramping up for hundreds of thousands patients in need. Success with these ?wearable robots? could be the coming out party for the entire healthcare robotics industry.

Written by our Emmet Cole, who also authored Big Ag & Agribotics: 2014-2020, Healthcare Robotics: 2014 is a blockbuster research report that is both penetrating in its look across the research and development sphere and realistic as to what?s pulling ahead for commercialization and what is lagging, and the reasons behind each.

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Healthcare in the U.S. is approaching $4 trillion annually. To support, enhance, and mitigate the healthcare burdens, our healthcare system is witnessing robotic medical technology entering hospital surgical suites, in-patient rooms, in-home patient care, and uses with emergency services and vehicles.


We?ve all heard and followed the stories throughout the year, and now Emmet has masterfully brought them all together in his truly remarkable research report.

Robotics holds the promise of addressing major healthcare issues in surgery, diagnostics, prosthetics, physical and mental therapy, monitoring, and support. Where are the challenges and where are the advances being made?

Emmet’s interviews with ReWalk CEO Larry Jasinski; Gurvinder Virk on the new ISO 13482 standard; and Alex Zhavronokov on the convergence of robotics, biomedicine and information technology are fabulously insightful must-reads!

I wrote 2013?s Healthcare Robotics update; and this year?s 2014 edition, with both the Affordable Care Act ramping up and the healthcare robotics industry grown so much stronger, will be an exciting research report to compare and contrast with 2013?s.

How this industry has shaken out over the past twelve months and which technologies and which companies are pulling ahead is absolutely fascinating?and extremely encouraging for anyone praying for healthcare robotics to come to the aid of his or her personal struggles with mobility and quality of life.

For investors, there are untapped millions waiting in the wings for those adroit enough to get aboard this very special industry.

So, please join Emmet and his special guests for our Healthcare Robotics webcast?on tap for July 22.

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