September 01, 2015      

Virtual Incision seeks to enable a minimally invasive approach to a variety of procedures that are typically performed “open” today, with the potential to improve clinical outcomes and health care costs, which would benefit all stakeholders — patients, physicians, hospitals and payors. We are excited that our technology holds the promise to make a meaningful impact for patients with colon conditions, who can face difficult procedures and long recovery times with traditional techniques.

In contrast to today’s large mainframe-like robots that reach into the body from outside the patient, Virtual Incision’s less-invasive robot platform design features a small, self-contained surgical device that is inserted in its entirety through a single incision in the patient’s abdomen. Designed to utilize existing tools and techniques familiar to surgeons, Virtual Incision’s robot will not require a dedicated operating room or specialized infrastructure.

Because of its much smaller size, Virtual Incision’s offering is expected to be significantly less expensive than existing robotic alternatives for laparoscopic surgery. Due to these technological advances, the system could enable a minimally invasive approach to procedures performed in open surgery today.

More than 2 million patients undergo colon resection procedures globally each year. Approximately two-thirds of these procedures are performed via a completely open surgical procedure involving an 8- to 12-in. incision and up to six weeks of recovery time. Because of the complicated nature of the procedure, existing surgical robotics devices are rarely used for colon resection surgeries, and manual laparoscopic approaches are only used in one-third of cases.

Virtual Incision is a game-changer from a market vertical, technology and NextGen perspective. Like the extraordinary shift in computers before it — from mainframes to laptops — Virtual Incision is pioneering a similar revolution in surgical robotics. Supported by foundational IP consisting of 90+ patents/applications, Virtual Incision’s approach is a technical, clinical, and economical marvel… whilst also being referred to recently as “unexpectedly cool” and “adorable.”