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200 Business Center Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Aethon Inc. is the world’s leading provider of autonomous mobile robots. The company’s robots operate in a variety of commercial environments including manufacturing and healthcare facilities globally. Aethon’s mobile robots are also used in the service industry.

Aethon’s TUG robot platform is the most established autonomous mobile robot solution for material movement and has made over 2.5 million deliveries and traveled in excess of 20 million miles. 

The TUG robot automates material movement and intralogistics. In manufacturing environments, it connects islands of automation. TUG can also reduce the cost and waste associated with material movement, and helps support Industry 4.0 initiatives.

In healthcare environments, Aethon’s TUG can improve efficiency, free up staff to focus on patient care, and improve service levels. Hospitality environments can gain improvements in efficiency as was well as the guest experience.

The TUG robot automatically picks and drops off carts and navigates the facility without the need for added infrastructure.  New models have been launched for the manufacturing markets that allow the TUG to carry as much as 1,400 lb. on an extended 4-ft. exchange platform.

An omnidirectional drive and new sensor modalities have been added to allow the TUG to navigate effortlessly in tight quarters.

The TUG has proven itself as a safe robot, as it has been used in the healthcare environment for years working seamlessly among hospital staff, patients, and the general public. It can also navigate unexpected obstacles while traveling. All of these self-driving features keep the robot on task and performing at maximum throughput.

Enabling technology allows the robots to automatically charge, open doors, respond to alarm conditions, and ride elevators if needed.

The robots are continuously monitored by a patented connected cloud command center 24/7/365. The robots are designed and manufactured in Pittsburgh.

Aethon has also developed new software tools that allow a customer’s engineering staff to manage its fleet of robots in-house.

Company Leadership

  • Aldo Zini, CEO
  • Peter Seiff, senior vice president of business development
  • Robert Reilly, CFO
  • Spencer Allen, CTO
  • Tony Melanson, vice president of marketing
  • Brian Curren, vice president of professional support services
  • David Wolfe, director of product management
  • Bill Keyes, vice president of sales
  • Tim DeRosett, vice president of industrial automation