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After thorough research in the combat demolition engineering market, with a focus on Unmanned Ground Engineering Vehicles (UGEVs) and robots accompanied by a rigorous study of commercially available civilian robots, Agritechnique Engineering Ltd. entered the market with its development and design of a novel, revolutionary UGEV concept created in four different versions – UGEV/SR, UGEV/NPPIR, UGEV/UDTV and UGEV/HMLS. (patent pending).

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Avner Opperman, CEO, Founder

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Avner Opperman –  [email protected]

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Agritechnique’s UGEV/SR systems are simple to operate – reliable teamwork between man and machine enable more lives to be saved in disaster sites. The UGEV/SR version is adapted for use in emergency rescue missions, such as in the wake of terrorist attacks, earthquakes, and other disasters, both natural and manmade.




Civilian and Military Search and Rescue, Security, and Inspection

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