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Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA 2090 Duane Avenue

AREVO, Inc. manufactures composite thermoplastic filaments for additive manufacturing. The company also develops cloud-based additive manufacturing software that provides 3D printed carbon fiber composite materials.

The company’s products are used in various applications, including aerospace/defense, medical, oil and gas, and industrial markets, as well as factory automation, jigs, fixtures, and assembly tools. In addition, they provide additive manufacturing services to OEMs worldwide.

AREVO tailors materials to optimize mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of printed objects. Their Advanced, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers make parts stronger, lighter and more durable.

The company’s intelligent cloud-based software tunes material properties of 3D printed objects. In addition, their proprietary True 3D™ algorithms optimize fiber placement in true 3D orientations to derive the ultimate strength – resulting in production parts with unique characteristics that cannot be made with conventional manufacturing techniques.

For ultimate design and manufacturing scalability, the company’s software supports both Cartesian and Robotic Arm Based Additive Manufacturing Platforms. New materials, new software advances and new production environments demanded development of a new class of robotic 3D printers. From small medical implants to large aerospace structures, their scalable additive robots are manufacturing the next generation of 3D printed parts.

AREVO, Inc. was founded in 2013 and is based in Santa Clara, California.