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Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Amidst the burgeoning commercial space industry, Astrobotic is pioneering affordable planetary access that promises to spark a new era of exploration, science, tourism, resource utilization and mining.The catalyst is a race to the Moon led by Google Lunar X PRIZE teams and countries like China and India. For the first time in history, start-ups and universities are competing with nations to land on the Moon.

Astrobotic was spun out of Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute in 2008 and operates under a Sponsored Research Agreement that exclusively licenses space robotics technology to the company.

Astrobotic’s current robot products include the lunar rovers Polaris and Red Rover, designed for lunar ice prospecting and exploring/mapping the Moon’s mid-latitudes, respectively.

Astrobotic’s Griffin is a lunar lander whose autonomous guidance, navigation, and control enables precise delivery of rovers to the Moon without human guidance.

Astrobotics’ corporate and academic partners include:
Carnegie Mellon University
International Rectifier

Company Leadership

William “Red” Whittaker, CEO & CSO
John Thornton, President
Steven Huber, Director of Structures and Mechanisms and Director of Business Development
Jason Calaiaro, CIO & Director of Propulsion
Kevin Peterson, Director of Guidance, Navigation, and Control