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125 Shoreway Road, Suite D, San Carlos, CA 94070 U.S.

Auris Surgical Robotics, Inc. develops robotics technology for medical applications. The company designs novel dual-arm microsurgical system for ophthalmic surgery.

CEO Dr. Fred Moll pioneered the field of surgical robotics by founding Intuitive Surgical and has served as a preeminent thought leader in the two decades since. At Auris, he has attracted key innovators to guide the technology and market development of the company’s next generation platform.

Auris is a technology company defining the future of medical intervention. By combining advancements in medical robotics, instrumentation, navigation and data science, the company is building a platform technology capable of expanding the applicability of robotics to a spectrum of medical procedures.

In August 2016, Auris acquired Hansen Medical. “Hansen Medical has developed a technology leadership position in the field of intravascular robotics,” commented Dr. Fred Moll, Chief Executive Officer of Auris.

The company was incorporated in 2007 and is based in San Carlos, California.

Company Leadership

Dr. Fred Moll – Co-Founder & CEO
Ajay Royan – Managing General Partner
Peter Hébert
Dr. Bijan Salehizadeh