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Milpitas, California 95035

While Google and all other automobile companies are racing for urban mobility and passenger cars, we are focusing on niche category of last mile public transportation.

It is based on 4 years of our work in Robotics at IIT Kharagpur (India) and CMU Robotics Institute. 6 customers including a Billion dollar infrastructure company has already signed up with us for pilot programs.

We are part of Y Combinator Summer 2015 batch. In past, we received angel funding from IIT Kharagpur (india), plus a grant from Govt. of India. We were recently selected amongst 50 top innovations in a program organized by Govt. of India, Stanford Business School and Lockheed Martin. Currently based in Palo Alto (near Stanford).

Company Leadership

Nalin Gupta, Co-founder and CEO
Jit Ray Chowdhury, Co-founder and CTO
Srinivas Reddy, Co-founder and Chief Product Architect

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Nalin Gupta¬†– ¬†[email protected]

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Human dependency for transportation within campuses is responsible for problems such as:

  1. High operating cost due to driver fee (driverless shuttles can bring down this cost by 40-60%)
  2. Inconsistent and inefficient operation, coupled with inability to operate 24 x 7 and in all weather conditions. This becomes very important where supply chain is key element – such as logistics at airports
  3. Accidents (90% of accidents happen because of human error)

Driverless shuttles will remove all these problems.


Y Combinator


Last-mile Transportation

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