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Mendon, Utah 84325

Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI) designs and manufactures unmanned vehicles, software, and components for various industrial, agricultural, automotive proving ground, and military customers.

ASI’s vehicle automation technology helps focus on and overcome major cost drivers experienced by many industrial organizations including: vehicle under-utilization (including production halts for unscheduled maintenance, shift changes, etc.), process and fuel inefficiencies, and labor shortages.

Autonomous vehicles are driven to the manufacture’s spec, eliminating many issues before they start, and can then be coordinated to optimize slowdowns and bottlenecks, fuel consumption, and vehicle wear and tear.¬†GPS, radio, and software technologies are used to create a fully autonomous vehicle

Each automation kit provided by ASI is equipped with multiple layers of safety. At the most basic level, each vehicle is equipped with an onboard emergency stop system. In addition, the onboard computer continuously runs more than 100 system checks, looking for anomalies.

Obstacle detection and avoidance sensors are attached to desired vehicles, ensuring that unknown hazards, such as falling debris or animals, are detected and the vehicle reacts appropriately. Finally, the proximity monitor feature within ASI’s¬†Mobius command and control software prevent collisions between unmanned vehicles and other vehicles – both manned and unmanned.

The GPS-based technology that each ASI kit uses allows companies to execute precise robotic vehicle paths down to sub centimeter accuracy. This creates a high level of repeatability and accuracy that is more precise than a human driver can accomplish.

Vehicle automation technologies such as ASI’s autonomous haulage system provides a unique way to improve sustainability. For corporate social responsibility, automation opens high skilled, higher paying jobs that will benefit workers and communities. In addition, ASI’s automation technology can help regulate fuel efficiency, tire efficiency, and vehicle utilization which combine to lower the carbon footprint.

Company Leadership

Mel Torrie, President & CEO
Roger Mann, CFO
Jared Pratt, VP Business Development
Max Barfuss, Director of Software
Mitch Torrie, Director of Automation