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Nanjing, Jiangsu Province 210012

AvatarMind is an innovative company dedicated to the development of service robots.

Based on their expertise in artificial intelligence, motion control, sensors and power management, they’ve developed iPal™ to deliver on that vision with multiple applications for friendly, fun and functional robot assistants. iPal is a fully functional humanoid robot with a friendly, playful demeanor.

iPal runs on the Android operating system with extensions for motion, sensor and natural language conversation. Standard Android apps which are approved for use with children will also run on the screen on iPal’s chest.

iPal is about 3.5 feet tall, with 24 motors in the neck, arm, fingers, and wrists. iPal’s many motors provide locomotion and multiple ranges of motion for iPal’s head and arms. It includes multiple infrared and ultrasound sensors for object detection and avoidance to ensure safe human interaction.

Tactile sensors allows iPal to know when it is being tickled or patted on the head. Its many features and capabilities encourage physical activity and enable people to stay connected with their friends and the world. An extended Android SDK enables developers to create applications specific to iPal. A Content Editor enables parents, teachers, and children to easily create stories, songs, dances and other content.

For children, iPal is a fun companion. It can talk, dance, tell stories, play games, encourage physical activity, and enable them to chat with friends, share videos, and safely connect to the internet and social media.

For parents, iPal is a teacher for their children with spoken language learning and tablet-based educational programs, providing educational content in an engaging manner that supports social development and encourages interest in science and technology.

Parents can remotely control iPal and monitor their child’s safety and activity on their smartphone or desktop from anywhere and at any time. A helper for busy parents, social robots will take some of the burden off parents and improve the quality of life and education of children. They can provide added care and companionship for children when parents need to deal with other aspects of their lives.

No robot can or should take the place of parents or friends, but they can make the everyday lives of parents easier.

Elder Companionship/Care: Many elders are alone and lonely. They often have problems keeping track of everyday activities, such as taking their medicine. iPal is a constant companion that supplements personal care services and provides security with alerts for many medical emergencies. It helps them maintain contact with their family and friends.

Retail/Hospitality An example is a chain of children’s stores where iPal greets children when they come in the door, entertains them, tells them about products, etc. Another is as a concierge/greeter in hotels to provide guests with a higher level of personal service.

AvatarMind was founded in 2014 by a group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, top university Ph.Ds. and robotics experts with a vision to create highly capable, humanoid robots that are affordable for ordinary families, not just institutions.

The founders have extensive experience in creating new companies in the Chinese market. Their technical backgrounds include advanced expertise in robotics, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and mobile software development.

Company Leadership

John S. Ostrem Ph.D., CEO