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Cambridge, MA 2138

With a market yet to exist for haptic devices, Barrett diligently honed the technology during the 1990s with grants from DoE, NASA, and NSF, as well as sales to key advanced-robotics laboratories all over the world.

Since 1990, Barrett Technology has pioneered core technology underlying new levels of flexibility in articulated arms and hands. Today, Barrett is a leader in advanced robotic manipulators, earning a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for its advanced manipulator technology. Barrett Technology provides versatility to support the broadest array of applications.

In early 2001, Barrett realigned its mission and corporate structure to improve its direct responsiveness to industrial and commercial applications that can benefit from versatile and people-compatible robotic manipulators. While loyal to its roots as a technology pioneer, Barrett is on an exciting trajectory to leverage its strong technology foundation by growing and enabling the broader adoption of robots in industry and commerce.

Barrett’s WAM™ Arm is a highly dexterous, naturally backdrivable manipulator. The only arm sold in the world with direct-drive capability supported by Transparent Dynamics™ between the motors and joints; The BH8-series BarrettHand™ is a multi-fingered programmable grasper with the dexterity to secure target objects of different sizes, shapes, and orientations.

The WAM Arm has been used to enable robotic neuromuscular rehabilitation, mobile dexterity for the elderly and infirm, and dexterous manufacturing applications (including those involving Teach & Play programming). Additionally, WAM Arm patented technology was licensed to MAKO Surgical to improve knee-implant surgery and the arm is a popular research platform in robotics labs worldwide.

Company Leadership

Bill Townsend, Founder & CEO
Burton Doo, COO