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CH 1025 Saint-Sulpice Lausanne
+41 21 694 02 90

BlueBotics provides the ANT® navigation product for automation, and custom solutions for service robotics.

Since 2001, BlueBotics has provided state-of-the-art natural feature navigation technology to enable the mobility of vehicles for the automation in the professional use market.

The company is active in two segments:

  • Industrial automation – BlueBotics proposes ANT®, its navigation solution.
  • Service robotics – The company proposes engineering services based on its expertise in mobile robotics with standard platforms, feasibility studies, custom designs, and dedicated developments to enable new customer applications.

BlueBotics’ expertise in mechatronics (mechanics, electronics, software and integration) allows for rapid custom developments.

ANT® uses natural structures in the environment as reference for localization thus requiring no infrastructure (no need for inductive wires, magnets, or reflectors for triangulation). This makes all setups simple and economical to install and maintain, no matter if it is a single vehicle or a large fleet. It also answers the increasing need of higher flexibility in the industry.

Company Leadership

Dr. Nicola Tomatis, CEO
Rémy Blank, Manager, Software R&D
Dr. Pierre Lamon, Scientific Manager, R&D
Ralph Piguet, Operations/Production Manager
Grégoire Terrien, Manager, Engineering R&D