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C2RO offers a robot-agnostic software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that uses real-time data processing technologies to enable artificial intelligence solutions for any robot in a fast, secure, scalable, and inexpensive manner. It augments the perception and collaboration capabilities of robots — even the low-cost ones with limited sensing and computation resources.

Using our products, robots can perceive the world better, share knowledge, and learn cooperatively using the latest advancements in AI and robotic vision. The offered robot-agnostic solutions can be delivered either via C2RO public-cloud SaaS platform or as an on-premise software platform for robotics manufacturers or integrators.

  • Year Established: 2016
  • No. of Employees: 10
  • Target Market: Service robotics (globally)
  • Product: RoboV
  • Previous Investors: TandemLaunch Inc.
  • Contact: Soodeh Farokhi

Addressing industrial automation needs

C2RO thermal image of people

C2RO is addressing the following problems that seem to be the current needs of Daimler or they might be soon, considering the Industry 4.0 trend:

The number of robots is growing exponentially. Robots building cars, cleaning floors, delivering packages, assisting elders, and entertaining our kids! However, there are a few problems:

1. Due to the lack of connectivity of the robots, there is an inability to monitor and diagnose problems in real time. This may cause problems in assembly lines when a robot stops working properly, having a large impact on productivity and costs.

2. Due to their limited onboard sensing and computing power, they are limited to their pre-programmed tasks — i.e. a vacuum cleaner robot cannot efficiently clean a room or detect objects on its way. This leads to a low user experience in robotics markets, especially the consumer and service markets.

3. They cannot share knowledge, skills, or information with other robots, so they cannot collaborate. For instance, robot lawn mowing of golf courses using multiple robots is currently not possible.

C2RO addresses these problems by increasing the robot capabilities. It augments the processing power of the robot by its hybrid solution to perform complex tasks. It also enables multi-robot information sharing using a cloud-based software robotics platform. Our robot’s agnostic platform offers:

1. A cloud-based software platform for real-time monitoring and alerting, data-analytics, and predictive maintenance of robots using machine learning algorithms to improve the performance and reduce downtime of robots.

2. Advanced robotics vision software using patent-pending technologies such as a robot to recognize various objects, map an area, follow a human or detect human gestures.

3. A fleet management system to monitor a fleet of robots and to enable the robots to perform collaborative tasks.

Platform control

C2RO’s platform is exposed to the user as an informative dashboard that provides analytic information about their robots. This dashboard allows the users to activate modules that, through a hybrid cloud-edge computation approach, enable new features in the customer’s robot.

C2RO SLAM demo

Our first product is a set of four modules that enable human detection, object identification, human tracking and following, and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). It thus enables computer vision and SLAM in robots that previously did not have the computational capability to execute these complex functions.

Different from the existing cloud-based platforms — IoT or robotics — which only have the ability of offline data processing, our technology can support real-time stream data processing in a scalable and reliable way for robotics applications.

Moreover, our acquired platform IP has been designed for robotics based on five years of research, so it is compatible with the commonly used protocols in robotics such as ROS (Robotics Operating System).

Along with our public enterprise SaaS platform, as we understand the concern of big players in the robotics industry for data privacy and robust solutions, we have a business model of deployment of our platform on their private (on-premises) data center to fulfill their needs. We believe this might be an interesting for service robotics industry.