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Carbon Robotics is making advanced robotics dramatically more accessible with low-cost robotic arms and highly intelligent control software.

Carbon Robotics’ goal is to create a world where humans do human work and robots do robot work. Their low-cost robotic arms and intelligent control software make advanced robots dramatically more accessible to non-specialists and adaptable to everyday work.

Using computer vision and machine intelligence, their product offerings are able to handle tasks that were previously considered impossible or impractical to automate, while their open platform enables developers to build the next generation of robotic applications.

KATIA is 10x more affordable than the closest competitor on the market today. Instead of starting at $20k, our arm starts at $2k. This is achieved without compromising performance. Worst-case, the arm can position a 1 kg payload anywhere within a 1 meter work envelope in under 2 seconds with sub-millimeter accuracy.

KATIA is infinitely customizable. You can transform KATIA into different tools just by swapping attachments.

KATIA is incredibly easy to use. To start, you can physically guide the arm through a motion, which it will then replay flawlessly. For real-time control or more complicated tasks, you can control KATIA through the app or other devices like a Leap Motion or Kinect.

Since KATIA is designed with consumers in mind, the company has created an open software platform that allows developers to add functionality and write their own applications. Getting into robotics today requires extensive hardware expertise. Their APIs cut the complexity, so if you can build a website, you can code for KATIA. The company has already signed up more than 1000 developers.

By combining affordable hardware with an open platform, Carbon Robotics is democratizing advanced automation and accelerating robotics development — essentially doing for robotics what Apple did for personal computers.

The company was founded in 2014 by Rosanna Myers and Dan Corkum and is based in San Francisco, CA. Previous Recognition: RBR50 2016, Best Startup of CES Finalist, TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield Finalist, Robotics For Humanity Finalist, Best Demo LAUNCH Festival Winner, Forbes 30 Under 30, LDV Computer Vision Summit Winner, Forbes Meet The Next Edisons.

Company Leadership

Rosanna Myers, Co-Founder & CEO