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Bedford, MA 01730 USA 125 Middlesex Turnpike

Celera Motion offers a dynamic core of brands — MicroE Encoders and Applimotion Motors and Actuators. Designed using state-of-the-art technologies and offered with feature sets targeted to solve the most demanding applications, our product lines optimize performance.

MicroE products are built with PurePrecision and VeraPath technologies. The MicroE brand of miniature precision optical encoders is available in several form factors and mounting options, with incremental and absolute interfaces and resolutions up to 1.2 nm. A wide selection of rotary and linear scales are available, delivering accuracy up to 1 μm.

The Applimotion brand of direct-drive motors and actuators is the product of unparalleled application expertise and performance-driven design. Optimized solutions range from direct drive motor components to fully engineered, validated, and tested products and value-add assemblies. Applimotion products utilize miniature PCBs, magnetics, vibration, thermal, electro-mechanical, and control systems technologies; Slotless rotary motors and actuators feature ZeroCog technology.