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CP Robotics is based in Odense, Denmark and is a spin-out from the University of Southern Denmark. The currently allocated venture capital was raised by Science Ventures Denmark and based on a patent that covers a motion planning technology applied to processes such as welding and milling.

Our primary focus is to create products for welding, milling and cutting, that enable cost-effective automated solutions for few of a kind productions. Hence, our primary target market are SME’s within the metalworking industry.

CP Robotics is a newly founded company (August 2015) and currently we seated at the university and rely on hired external consultants from both industry and university. We have only little material on our products available. Even our homepage is currently being constructed. However, we are positive that videos of our prototypes are ready mid September, before the RoboBusiness event.

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Jimmy Alison Jorgensen, CEO

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Jimmy Alison Jorgensen – [email protected]

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Industrial processes such as welding, milling and cutting within the metalworking industry have successfully applied robotics automation within the last 20 years (think of the car industry). However, the success is limited to companies that benefit from many-of-a-kind productions. The reason is simple: “Changing or reconfiguring a robotics installation is hugely expensive and time consuming”. Either you need on-site expertise in robotics and automation, or you need subcontractors with that expertise. Both limit the feasibility of current automation solutions for few-of-a-kind productions that are commonly seen in small to medium sized enterprises (SME).

Our product is targeted SME’s and specifically few-of-a-kind productions. We enable simple and efficient teach-in of robots within welding, cutting and milling processes. The products are based on a smart sensor enabled teach-in of robot tasks that eliminates expenses for:

  • expensive robotics or CAD/CAM experts
  • CAD/CAM software like Delcam, Robotmaster or similar
  • creating CAD models of all products
  • calibrating robot to work-piece

These expenses are eliminated due to a combination of technologies from two robotics programming paradigms: online and offline programming.

Hence, our product, enable our customers to quickly onsite change their production without the need for expensive robotics experts.


Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation


SME’s within the metalworking industry

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