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Palo Alto, CA 94301 US 530 Lytton Ave

Eyeris is a leader in Deep Learning-based face analytics and emotion recognition technology. The company’s computer vision AI products enable everyday cameras to read people’s facial micro-expressions in real time with unprecedented accuracy.

Eyeris’ main verticals include Autonomous Vehicles for driver monitoring, and Social Robotics for enhanced Human-Robot Interactions (HRI).

The company’s flagship product EmoVu provides the most comprehensive suite of face analytics and is used in today’s commercial applications such as automotive, robotics, and video analytics.

EmoVu software reads facial micro-expressions in real time and uses convolutional neural networks as a deep learning architecture to train and deploy its algorithms into different applications.

EmoVu software bridges the gap between emotion recognition, face recognition, age and gender identification, head pose, eye tracking and everything else in between.

EmoVu is ultra-lightweight embeddable and uses models that are rapidly customizable in mater of days. It is compatible with any camera, any processing hardware and any programming language, and is available to developers in four versions: embedded SDK, desktop SDK, mobile SDK and cloud API.

Headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., the company’s R&D lab in San Jose focuses on software optimization and customization of its deep learning models to specific products and environments such as vehicles and robots.