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106/1 Princess Street, Kew Vic 3101 Australia

Fastbrick Robotics aims to improve the speed, accuracy and safety of the global brick construction industry using the worlds latest innovations in mobile robotic technology.

Fastbrick aims to commercialize the globally patented technology of the Hadrian Robotic brick and block laying machine and system.

The unique navigation and stabilization system allows for accurate robotic manipulation over very large areas to within 0.5mm accuracy in all axis regardless of dynamic interference.

From the computer aided design (CAD/CAM) of a house structure, this 3D robotic end-to-end bricklaying system handles the automatic loading cutting, routing and placement of all the bricks course by course.

The high-level accuracy of the finished product allows following trades to prefabricate from the CAD design then simply install.The use of the automated robotic system vastly improves work-site occupational health and safety and produces minimum waste.

The machine design allows for maximum mobility and is able to work on almost any block size. Reduced construction time allows for greater flexibility and time/cost savings to builders and their customers.