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Fetch Robotics is a robotics solution provider for logistics and material handling applications. The company’s technology combines Freight, an autonomous mobile robot, and Fetchcore software to provide comprehensive turnkey solutions that increases warehouse productivity.

Like a traditional conveyor system, Fetch’s virtualconveyor software system uses Freight robots to carry small loads from point-to-point in a warehouse environment. For example, orders can be carried from the picking area to the packing/shipping area in a fulfillment or distribution center. This is essentially the same function as a physical conveyor system with a very significant difference. That difference comes when you want to optimize your warehouse operations and reconfigure to meet changing demands. Increasingly, it’s no longer a question of if a warehouse will need to restructure its conveyor system, but when and how often.

With a traditional conveyor system at warehouses and material handling centers, there is considerable work involved in moving the physical components. With Fetch’s virtualconveyor system, changes to the operation can be made quickly and efficiently with software.

How does it work?  Freight robots are fitted with shelves to carry the loads along with touchscreen interfaces. The workers load or unload the shelves and then use the touchscreen to tell the robot to go to it’s next destination. The destinations are defined by drawing on a map with the fetchcore software system. Once a robot is given a destination, it can find its way there autonomously.

The destinations and the routes have already been captured in the software, so they don’t need to be physically marked. If the physical environment changes, the robot would only require a simple software update, not a complete reconfiguring of the conveyor system as is the case in many facilities today.

Additionally, virtualconveyor allows the warehouse manager to configure (and reconfigure) the operational infrastructure of the warehouse quickly and easily. The company’s Fetchcore software system allows the warehouse manager to specify locations and routes graphically on a facility map, to coordinate the sequence of actions and schedules of the Freight robots, and to optimize the warehouse operation through individual customization.

With Freight and the virtualconveyor system, the operations are completely specified in the fetchcore software and no modifications to the physical infrastructure are needed.

Fetch’s robots simply move things from point A to point B. The operator specifies where the traveling points are and Fetch Robotics takes care of the rest.

Freight is the company’s autonomous mobile platform, designed to meet the needs of many different logistics and manufacturing workflows. Whether it’s following an associate as they pick items from shelves, performing point to point delivery tasks, or dispatching parts to an associate on an assembly line, Freight enhances workforce performance. Freight can be also configured to meet the users specific needs. Current options include the hmishelf, cartdock and datasurvey.

Company Leadership

Melonee Wise, CEO
Michael Ferguson, CTO
Dave Robson, Chief of Staff
Derek King, Lead Systems Engineer
Eric Diehr, Lead Mechanical Engineer
David Dymesich, Design Lead