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2811 Orchard Parkway, San Jose, CA 95134
(408) 300-9056

Fetch Robotics develops and manufactures collaborative Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) solutions for the warehousing and intralogistics markets. Fetch Robotics combines the industry’s broadest line of mobile robots with a unique, cloud-based software system.

The Freight series of AMRs support multiple applications, including material transport and automated data collection. The FetchCore cloud-based software enables customers to deploy in hours, adapt in moments, and generate powerful insights from robot data. This combination of a mobile robotics platform with cloud-based software addresses the widest range of applications – finding and moving anything from parts to pallets in warehouses, factories and distribution centers – and delivers the fastest time to automation of any solution on the market.

Fetch’s AMRs fall into roughly two categories: material handling and data collection. Third-party logistics providers (3PLs), retailers, and manufacturers use the VirtualConveyor line of AMRs for optimizing material flow in warehouses and logistics facilities. Customers can choose from a variety of modules that sit on top of the Freight bases — which vary in size based on payload — for the automation of various warehouse tasks.

The HMIShelf solution sets the standard for commercial-ready AMRs to transport material in busy warehouse environments. Integrated touchscreens and adjustable shelving make the HMIShelf robots an easy and flexible way to offload point-to-point material handling tasks.

The CartConnect module enables the pickup, transport, and drop-off of delivery warehouse carts to any warehouse or manufacturing location. The RollerTop robots have seamlessly integrated active conveyor modules that allow the robots to dependably hand off or receive material from fixed conveyance.

The DataSurvey line consists of TagSurveyor and ShelfSurveyor which are used for automated data collection. TagSurveyor automates inventory cycle counting and reduces inventory loss by collecting, locating, and tracking RFID tags on products and bins within warehouses and factories. TagSurveyor robots serve as a dedicated tracking solution and seamlessly complement additional or existing RFID tracking strategies.

ShelfSurveyor captures high-quality images of shelves for inventory tracking and restocking purposes. In both scenarios of cycle counting and inventory tracking, the DataSurvey robots collect data continuously and consistently in any indoor setting through the precise movement of sensor arrays in even the largest, most densely packed or populated environments.

FetchCore Cloud Robotics Platform is unique to Fetch Robotics and enables businesses to have the fastest time to deployment and access to the most flexibility mobile robotics platform in the industry. FetchCore gives warehouse and manufacturing personnel the ability to manage and monitor the Fetch AMR fleets across multiple warehouse and manufacturing environments.

Additionally, as the needs of the warehouse change, Fetch Robotics systems can quickly scale or be re-deployed immediately by the customer. Unlike many systems that can take weeks or months to deploy software and infrastructure, train robots on their environment, and integrate them with dedicated IT systems, Fetch Robotics systems are up and running in a matter of hours thanks to FetchCore’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Company Leadership

  • Melonee Wise, CEO
  • Michael Ferguson, CTO
  • Carl Showalter, COO
  • Dave Robson, Chief of Staff
  • Russell Toris, Director of Robotics
  • Derek King, Lead Systems Engineer
  • Eric Diehr, Lead Mechanical Engineer
  • David Dymesich, Design Lead