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Frontier Bio has developed an advanced bioprinter capable of printing at the micro and nano scales while maintaining higher cell viabilities than competing technologies.

Frontier Bio Flux-1 bioprinter

Twenty two people die very day while on the organ transplant waitlist. In the meantime, eight out of nine pharmaceutical companies fail in the human trial phase. These are problems that bioprinting can solve. However, current bioprinting technologies kill a high percentage of cells that are extruded, and they can only print features at the microscale.

Our bioprinter uses electrohydrodynamic bioprinting, which is proven to be safe for the cells and can print at the micro and nanoscales. This allows companies and research institutions to print 3D tissue that they could not print before.

The Flux-1 bioprinter can print at the micro and nanoscales, which other bioprinters cannot do. It can also have a high cell viability rate, up to 100%, whereas competition can be as low as 40% cell viability — meaning 60% of the cells die during the bioprinting process.