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Bedrijvenpark Twente 20, 7602 AG Almelo Delft, The Netherlands
(+31) 546 574 222

FTNON develops and produces a wide range of food processing equipment for both fresh convenience, frozen and canned products.

With their headquarters located in Almelo, the Netherlands, FTNON is an internationally leading provider for innovative and reliable engineering turnkey solutions for the fresh cut- and thermal food processing industry. With over 50 years of experience in this market, they operate in over 50 different countries.

FTNON is a globally active partner, who focuses on delivering intelligent, efficient and food safe solutions to their clients.

In 2015, FTNON acquired a majority interest in Delft University of Technology spinoff Lacquey BV, nowadays known as FTNON Delft. The strategic takeover meant an investment in know-how in the field of robot technology in the food industry, and thereby an opportunity to take this technology abroad and offer integrated line solutions to customers.

FTNON Delft develops robotic ‘hands’ that are capable of picking up and sorting a wide variety of products such as fruit and vegetables, without damaging or bruising them. These two capabilities are essential factors in the fresh food industry.

After working on robotic solutions for the Fresh cut industry for over 3 years, FTNON Delft is now ready to introduce it’s first robotic product to the Fresh cut market.

The CoreTakr is the first robotic product from FTNON. It can decore iceberg lettuce heads with a speed of up to 1800 heads/hour with an efficiency of up to 96%: 5 times as fast and 2 times as accurate as a human being. It is compatible with the stringent food safety requirements and hygiene and cleaning regimes in this sector. Each lettuce head is scanned with 5 camera’s to create a 3D model for robotic handling.

With advanced vision algorithms the core of the lettuce head is detected and the robot manipulation is planned. During manipulation of the robot the lettuce head is scanned once more with a camera during flight and it’s position is corrected if required, just before the robot places the lettuce head in the precision decorer. This vision-in-the-loop feedback guarantees optimal accuracy thus process yield.

The CoreTakr is easy to operate in the factory, all intelligence in inside. Both machine data and product data are logged and send to Delft for off-line analysis. It’s data gathered during operation is used for: (a) condition based monitoring of the equipment, (b) food traceability and product quality monitoring purposes, and (c) optimization of the vision intelligence.