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Richmond, VT 05477 United States 10 East Main Street

Greensea Systems Inc. provides commercially available navigation, control, and automation products based on its patent-pending Opensea (Open Software and Equipment Architecture) — the first operating platform designed for the marine industry. Developed by the offshore-experienced Greensea team, this robust technology was built to make operations easier and more accurate while minimizing expense and risk.

Tightly integrated navigation and control technologies make vehicles more capable by sharing critical data throughout the system. The centralized data increases awareness for both the vehicle and the operator. This awareness, supported by an easy-to-use interface called Workspace dramatically improves productivity.

Since opening in Richmond, Vt., in 2006, Greensea has successfully installed its systems on more than 750 manned, unmanned, surface, and subsea vehicles. From micro ROVs and submarines to high-profile work-class vehicles, Greensea provides exceptional stability and maneuverability, allowing operators to focus on their mission rather than the vehicle.

Greensea serves many leading organizations in the science/academic, military, and energy markets including Schmidt Ocean Institute, NOAA, Teledyne, VideoRay, Vulcan, and the U.S. Navy.