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Moscow, Idaho 83843

Harbrick helps companies prototype, test, and ship safe and reliable autonomous vehicles in a fraction of the time.

The transportation industry is undergoing a convergence of many technologies, enabling the development of autonomous vehicles. Vehicle OEMs are in a race to understand and productionize these technologies before their competitors, while maintaining the safety and quality of their products. Harbrick was founded in 2012 as a way to bring added value to customer and partners of AutonomouStuff. Since then it has grown into a multi-armed sister company, handling custom engineering as well as new product development. Working directly with AutonomouStuff presents a unique opportunity to interface with world-class companies who are truly changing the world with bleeding edge technology and disruptive applications.

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Josh Hartung, CEO & Co-Founder
Bobby Hambrick, CRO & Co-Founder

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Approximately 90% of the computer code in an autonomous vehicle is dedicated to low-level tasks such as sensor parsing and synchronization. Our platform product PolySync takes care of this back-end infrastructure with a safety-certified, standardized API that turns autonomous vehicle development into app development.


Automotive OEM and tiered suppliers

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Components Providers, Executive Leadership, Investment Capital, Technology Staff

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