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Gurgaon, Haryana 122001 India A-18, Sector 34, Infocity I

The Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz is a bootstrapped robotics company, focused on developing products for revolutionizing man and material transportation with its Self Driving People Movers, Self Driving Logistics Vehicles for material handling and mobile robots for security and surveillance.
Their core focus areas are:

-L0 to L5 Autonomy for Vehicles. which includes fleet of Self Driving Shuttles for people movement in private campuses, Advance Driver Assistive Systems (ADAS) products for smart and connected cars.
-Enabling Industry 4.0 with Self Driving Logistics Vehicles (next gen AGVs) with natural navigation for Industries, manufacturing facilities with a connected Industrial IoT framework.
-Enabling Next generation warehousing Self Driving Logistics Vehicles catering to High Throughput with
effective ROI.
-Unmanned Ground Vehicles & Autonomous Mobile Robots for Defence applications.

Specialties :
Self Driving Vehicles, Self Driving Logistics Vehicles, AGVs, Artificial Intelligence, and Defence & Security Robotics

The company’s core competencies lie in machine learning, artificial intelligence & computer vision technologies.

The company’s¬†offerings cater to a number of verticals, including warehouses, defense and armed forces, research institutions, next generation transportation systems with our high-end expertise in our core technologies – AGVs, Automation, Advance Driver Assistive Systems, Driverless Vehicles Technology and our latest offering Novus-Drive “Driverless Shuttles”.