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17146 Feathercraft Lane, Suite 450, Webster, TX 77598 USA

Houston Mechatronics, Inc (HMI) specializes in mechatronics, intelligent automation, and robotics. HMI takes technologies from the laboratory, couples them with resourceful and innovative engineering design, and creates integrated hardware and software solutions for our customer’s toughest problems.

Their robots are redefining hazardous manufacturing, subsea manipulation, internal pipe inspection, and intelligent automation of land drilling.

They develop turn key solutions for their clients across a wide range of industries and processes. The company is heavily involved in first of its kind drilling rig automation, challenging internal pipe inspection, specialized and hazardous manufacturing, and subsea manipulation. Their software products include solutions for abstracted control of robotic systems in austere communication environments, machine vision, and ubiquitous interconnectivity.

HMI’s areas of operations include:

Focused on Industry 4.0 compatibility, they design, build and implement state-of-the-art robots that take teams out of dangerous environments while allowing them to get the job done more cost competitively and with higher quality.

The company has spent over a decade inventing the latest mechatronic components in everything from motion controllers, electric machines, and elastic actuators, all the way to robot-specific communication architectures and custom sensors. These deployable technologies feed and inform their thinking in every robot problem to be tackled.

The company was founded by NASA roboticists with a passion for problem-solving and providing innovative answers to age-old questions. HMI thrives on approaching complex problems with imagination, aptitude and determination. Could robots take on the dangerous elements of deepwater drilling and operations? Is intelligent automation the answer to more streamlined business practices?