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Dong-gu Ulsan

Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. builds ships for commercial, and military purposes. The Company manufactures oil tankers, cargo and passenger vessels, and warships. Hyundai Heavy Industries also produces heavy industrial machineries, wind turbines, solar panels, electrical components for engines and power trains, and industrial vehicles, such as cranes and bulldozers.

Hyundai Heavy has seven business divisions: Shipbuilding, Offshore & Engineering, Industrial Plant & Engineering, Engine & Machinery, Electro & Electric Systems, Construction Equipment, and Green Energy.

Hyundai Heavy has designed and built robots and robotic systems for their automotive group for over fifteen 15 years. They specialize in industrial welding robots.

In 2012 Hyundai Heavy announced its strategy to become a leader in making surgical robots. It already makes Robodoc machines under license, but will design new six axis robots for arthroplasty—with the goal of capturing 60% of the world robotics market for joint repair and ligament reconstruction by 2015.

Company Leadership

Kim Oi Hyun, President & CEO
Lee Jai-Seong, Co-CEO, Co-Rep Director & President
Kim Jeong-hwan, COO, Engine and Machinery Division , Senior Executive VP