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12 South Ave Sewickley, PA 15143

Founded in 2012, IAM Robotics is a privately held company in Pittsburgh. IAM Robotics is the leader of automated mobile manipulating robots for e-commerce order fulfillment and logistics material handling.

IAM Robotics’ Swift Solution provides a complete robotic solution to existing labor shortages, accelerating e-commerce environments, and changing consumer expectations. IAM Robotics’ innovative solutions mitigate growing logistics costs while offering a compelling ROI without sacrificing flexibility. This provides the competitive advantage distributors and retailers need in today’s rapidly shifting marketplace. IAM Robotics was the first in the industry to deploy piece-picking solutions and successfully demonstrate a mobile robot AS/RS with tote handling. And now, the Swift Solution seamlessly integrates within an operation with conveyor integration and offers higher capacity and higher ROI with Bolt, an Automated Mobile Robot (AMR) that works with Swift to exchange and transport full and empty totes.

These innovations in autonomous navigation and material handling provide critical path solutions to customers and accelerate e-commerce environments while providing a strong return on investment (ROI). IAM Robotics is currently driving automated e-commerce models for grocery, health and beauty with two of the top five retailers in North America and 3 of the top 10 worldwide retailers. IAM Robotics has made what many consider to be the Holy Grail of fulfillment a reality.

IAM Robotics’ solutions possess distinct performance, technical, and economic advantages in the new category of mobile manipulating robots. The company has a world-class experience with autonomous navigation, perception, and robotic manipulation, which positions it as a clear technical and solutions leader solving the industry’s most difficult challenges in a low cost and flexible way. By offering low cost, flexible solutions, IAM Robotics makes automation more broadly accessible to supply chain businesses.

Distributors and retailers need more workers to meet the demands of e-commerce. In the U.S. alone, consumers spend 40 billion hours picking items from store shelves. As consumers buy more items online, that work moves to the warehouse. Currently, there are not enough people in the workforce to do this for consumers. The answer is to give organizations a tool that increases existing worker productivity, fosters greater job satisfaction, and maintains operational flexibility. This not only helps companies to remain sustainable in a rapidly changing landscape, it also makes them more competitive.

IAM Robotics’ Swift Solution provides organizations the ability to leverage autonomous robots to help ensure seamless e-commerce operations that optimize ROI. Swift fulfills the need for picking solutions by applying the power of technology through machines to intelligently interact with their environment and to manipulate its surroundings efficiently. This powerful combination is revolutionizing how businesses approach the supply chain industry’s most pressing labor and fulfillment challenges. Companies can transform their warehouses without changing the familiarity of their warehouses. The Swift Solution is easy to use and easy to implement.

Overall, the benefits of the Swift Solution are: Full Automation of Specific Fulfillment Tasks – autonomous robots enhance the work of existing labor forces, fully automating piece picking and e-commerce fulfillment through automated material selection and transport. Flexibility in Fulfillment Operations – a dynamic mix of robots and manual labor flexes with short-term fluctuations, scales with growth or changes as business changes. A Compelling Return on Investment (ROI) – Swift is an adaptable automated solution that requires little-to-no capital investment, ensuring seamless e-commerce operations that optimize ROI.