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IAM Robotics makes the world’s-first fully autonomous mobile manipulation robot for supply chain and industrial material handling. The company was founded by robotics researchers from Carnegie Mellon University.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, IAM Robotics has developed ground breaking technologies and award winning products that enable unprecedented levels of efficiency and productivity in industry.

IAM Robotics enables manufacturers and warehouses to automate their material handling with their current infrastructure and people-friendly operations. This allows businesses to lower cost while increasing productivity and throughput.

The robots provided by IAM also solve the growing labor shortage problem in material handling. The combination of an aging population, higher skilled labor pool and growth of e-commerce, is requiring many businesses to automate. IAM Robotics provides a solution that is flexible by allowing customers to maintain backwards compatibility with current operations.

The company’s mission is to manufacture robots that can see and think about how to manipulate everyday objects. The IAM Robots team is  focused on creating machines that can automate any warehouse, in a matter of days, without changing infrastructure. IAM stands for Intelligent Autonomous Manipulation.

As part of its solution, IAM Robotics has developed a high speed 3D scanner – “it’s like a CubiScan on steroids,” CEO Tom Galluzzo says – that can rapidly scan SKUs, create a 3D model, classify them and enter them into a database that allows them to be picked by robots.

“We’ve been able to get our robot to pick 1,100 pieces an hour when it’s positioned next to a shelf in the lab,” he says. “We believe the robot could do that on a sustained basis.”

The company’s Swift robot is able to see and manipulate objects using IAM Robotics’ proprietary Rapid Vision technology, which enables the robot to both navigate and identify objects with 3D camera sensors. Swift was launched at the Modex trade show in April 2016, where it was placed as a top-4 finalist for Innovation of the Year by the Material Handling Industry (

Company Leadership

Tom Galluzzo, Co-Founder and CEO
Vladimir Altman, Co-Founder