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Westmount, Quebec H3Y 3H4 Canada 501 Mount Pleasant Ave

Independent Robotics Inc produces and develops underwater and amphibious vehicles and technologies.

The company focuses on portable easy-to-deploy systems. They offer vehicles that push the leading edge of underwater and amphibious vehicle technology, for example by combining walking through surf, swimming and using artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve their performance in real time.

Their premiere vehicle, the Aqua2 Vision-plus weights under 20kg (40 lbs), uses six flippers/legs for propulsion, and is highly maneuverable. It can swim straight, corkscrew, land on its legs or hover in place. Their vehicles can operate fully autonomously, but can also be used with various levels of human-in-the-loop shared control.

Aqua-family robots have been deployed successfully in fresh water lakes, the Caribbean and Atlantic oceans, and in exotic locations such as a cenote in Mexico.