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Chaoyang District Zhangjiawan Road, No. 6 Beijing 100010 China

INNFOS Technology Ltd. is a innovative research and development company. Its research fields include bionics, robotics, motion capture, motors, high-precision production equipment, new means of transport, original science, trending, and branding.

INNFOS focuses on the robotics industry, and it has developed core drive component and related accessories. The Beijing-based company strives to constantly improve the overall performance of industrial and civilian humanoid robots.

INNFOS has independently developed its own steering gear, and motor testing platform for robotics. Among them, the Micro Servo system integrates motor and spherical reducers with intellectual property rights.

It features improved performance while further reducing  the component volume. This is a breakthrough design bottleneck of humanoid robots. INNFOS robotic core components can be used widely in robotics and other industrial equipment.

INNFOS Technology's Micro Servo

INNFOS Technology’s Micro Servo (Click here to enlarge.)

INNFOS Technology’s Micro Servo integrates a servo motor, servo driver, reducer, and encoder within one space. It is only one-tenth the volume of traditional motor system. Its motor control, servo motor design, encoders, and flexible joints are completely self-developed by INNFOS.

Micro Servo is able to largely reduce the manufacturing cost of robot joints. Also, important features include high integration and easy use of bus control. It is the integrated core component in the field of robotics, manufacturing, and precision instruments.

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