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18 Hayezira St, Ramat Gan 5252156 Israel

Intuition Robotics Ltd. is developing social companion technology to positively impact the lives of millions of older adults by connecting them seamlessly with family and friends, making technology accessible and intuitive, and proactively promoting an active lifestyle.

The company was founded by former corporate executives and entrepreneurs who previously founded and managed CloudBand, a disruptive cloud telecom venture within Alcatel-Lucent. The founders created Intuition Robotics to pursue their passion for creating technology and products to improve people’s quality of life.

Intuition Robotics’ multidisciplinary team of roboticists, industrial designers, full stack developers, Android developers, gerontologists, and machine learning experts is currently developing ElliQ, “the active aging companion,” following guidelines of the National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization.

Helping the company achieve its vision are iconic thinkers in the realms of industrial design and user-centered design, including famed designer Yves Béhar; Don Norman, former vice president of advanced technologies at Apple; Intel Senior Vice President Amir Faintuch; and leading academic experts in the fields of cognitive computing, human-robot interaction, machine intelligence, and robotics.

The number of elderly people is on a steep rise due to increased average life expectancy and baby boomers approaching retirement. Ninety percent of older adults in developed countries want to “age in place” (stay in their own homes), but they report suffering from loneliness and social isolation. The negative psychological and physical effects of loneliness on older adults are well documented, but receive little attention.

Two factors compound the problem:

  • The world around us requires more and more technological acumen in order to stay connected.
  • Aging adults often live far away from their children. The average distance between aging adults and their children grows on average by 12 miles each year (in the U.S).

The population controls over 70 percent of the world’s disposable capital.