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Via Copernico 38, Milano 20125 Italy

InvestiRobot bridges the gap among robotics companies and institutional and professional investors by offering high-quality market analysis and financial researches on the robotics stock market (and related technologies like AI and IoT) to institutional and professional investors.

InvestiRobot strives to spread knowledge about robotics, to create networking and develop business opportunities. The company launched the first Italian Meetup on Robotics that involves its 100+ members in cultural and networking events and organize scientific talks with top robotics professionals.

The company’s services reduce the information gap between robotics and finance industries and assist robotics companies and startups in finding the best investors for their projects.

To provide their clients the best quality, InvestiRobot has developed two proprietary methodologies:
– the “6Bubbles” methodology to analyse robotics stocks by integrating both fundamental and technical (graphical) views
– the “IRBED” (InvestiRobot Robotics Business Ecosystem Design) methodology to study, design and monitor any Robotics Business Ecosystem created by robots and AI applications in different Sectors and Industries.