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Tokyo 103-0023

Kawada Robotics was born on April 1, 2013. The company was spun off from the Robotics Division of Kawada Industries, a pioneer in the commercialization of humanoid robots. Kawada Industries will continue to manufacture and sell our robotic products, including the dual-arm robot NEXTAGE and bipedal HRP series.

Kawada Robotics’ goal is to present a “new work style” where people and robots share the job. Until now, humans and robots generally worked in separate environments, but Kawada envisions a future where the same job can be taken care of by a person or a robot, depending on the time, need and situation. Once people and robots really start working together, the way we invest our time and society will drastically change.

Company Leadership

Takakatsu Isozumi, CEO
Hirochika Inoue, CTO
Naohito Shiroma, Director
Ippei Yoshida, Electrical Engineer
Yutaka Kondo, Software Guru
Yukiko Hoshino, Chief Engineer and Workstyle Architect
Baron Yoon Seong Yong, Mr. Versatility (25% Electronics, 25% Software, 25% Mechanical Engineering, 25% Gundam)