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Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA 3551-S Haven Ave
(650) 362 8785

Kinema Systems is a robotics startup in the Silicon Valley building advanced robotic manipulation applications. The company creates advanced robotic systems for logistics and manufacturing.

The company’s first product, Kinema Pick, is the world’s first self-training, self-calibrating robotic solution for depalletizing multi-SKU pallets. Kinema Pick combines deep-learning, 3D vision and motion planning with off the shelf hardware into an easy to use and fast solution for industrial picking problems. Kinema Pick is robot-agnostic and can be integrated with different types of grippers.

Kinema Pick, addresses the depalletizing problem where boxes are picked off a pallet and onto a conveyor. It combines a custom 3D/2D sensor (Kinema Systems KS1000) and Kinema’s proprietary 3D vision, deep-learning and motion planning software to provide an easily configurable and fast solution for end-customers.

Kinema Pick is designed to be mostly self-learning and does not require extensive individual training of boxes before it can start picking. Kinema Pick can address different types of pallets including single-SKU, multi-SKU, plain box and textured box pallets.

The company’s employees have created some of the most popular open-source software for robotic manipulation and perception, including MoveIt!, ROS Control, Arm Navigation and SimTrack, used by hundreds of companies, researchers and universities around the world.