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Boisbriand, Quebec J7H 1M7
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Kinova Robotics delivers innovative solutions in the field of robotics for personal assistance and research. The company designs and manufactures service robotics platforms and applications that it says are simple, sexy, and safe.

From needs to innovation, Kinova creates robots that serve two markets. Kinova in assistive robotics empowers people with disabilities to push beyond their current boundaries and limitations.

The other division, Kinova in innovation robotics, empowers industry and research to interact with environments more efficiently and safely. It also contributes to aiding product development and hands-on applications in the areas of service robotics and medical advancement.

It offers JACO, an assistive robotic device that allows users to perform various functions with movements executed at their command.

Kinova was co-founded in 2006 by Charles Deguire (CEO) and Louis-Joseph Caron L’Écuyer (CTO), two passionate, inspiring, and visionary young engineers. Their mission is to empower humans through robotics.

The company is working to help robots evolve from improving manufacturing capability to improving people’s quality of life by amplifying human capacities and making its solutions accessible.

Kinova Leadership

  • Charles Deguire, co-founder and CEO
  • Louis-Joseph Caron L’Écuyer, co-founder and chief technology officer