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San Francisco, California 94107

krtkl (pronounced “critical”) is a San Francisco-based hardware startup providing the pro-maker and roboticist world with the only affordable platform for developing the next generation of robots, drones, and computer vision systems. After spending years designing custom, one-off systems for a variety of customers in the fields of robotics, medical devices, and consumer electronics, it became painfully obvious that there are no reasonable options when it come to high-quality, easy-to-use, affordable hardware and software development tools. No longer will creators be forced to sacrifice performance for cost savings or shell out massive dollars to get what they want. krtkl is democratizing the robotic landscape, starting with the most critical part of any robotic system: the brain.

Company Leadership

Ryan Cousins, CEO
Jamil Weatherbee, CTO
Russell Bush, CDO

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There is currently a large chasm separating the low-end, entry-level maker market and the high-end professional market when it comes to affordable platforms and tools. The maker community thrives on low-cost/free, open-source, and community-driven hardware and software. The professional market requires specialized hardware and software that is much too expensive, complicated, and inaccessible. We bridge that gap with a new robotics development platform that provides professional-grade hardware at maker-friendly prices.

By combining ARM, wireless, and and FPGA on a $40 to $100 board that’s the size of business card, makers, startups, and all engineers can now afford to build high-end, commercially viable connected robotic and computer vision systems with fully capable and scalable hardware. Think of it as “Raspberry Pi for Robots.” With full support for ROS, OpenCV, ArduPilot, and other vital open-source robotics ecosystems, no additional knowledge is needed to get that next robotics project off the ground.



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Investment Capital, Technology Staff