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Bethesda, MD 20817
(301) 897-6000

Lockheed Martin Corporation is a global security company that primarily researches, designs, develops, manufactures, and integrates advanced technology products and services. The Company’s businesses span space, telecommunications, electronics, information and services, aeronautics, energy, and systems integration.

The company’s robotic innovations aim to solve a variety of challenges such as disaster response, deep space exploration, navigating inhospitable environments or avoiding man-made threats. Lockheed Martin’s robotic advances are geared towards keep soldiers and citizens connected in the safest way possible, using real-time data, information, and imagery.

The Atlas robot was designed to provide support in the aftermath of disaster as well as collect and provide real-time data for emergency crews. The K-Max unmanned helicopter and other unmanned aerial systems operates in areas too dangerous or remote for humans, thereby fulfilling the company’s goal of keeping soldiers and civilians safe.

In addition to building air and ground unmanned systems for security and defense applications, Lockheed Martin’s Intelligent Robotics Laboratory (IRL) contains research and thrust areas that focus on new capabilities for robots by combining higher-level intelligence with traditional robotics techniques. Their core focus is to provide more intelligence to unmanned systems.

The Perception and Understanding Research Area focuses on the synthesis of sensory information with context and prior information to form a semantic understanding of the world. This explicitly recognizes the need for robots to understand their world at many levels, to learn from prior experience, and adapt to changing situations over time. The ability to semantically understand the world enables robots to reason on the world in a symbolic or cognitive manner.

The Decision and Actions Research Area focuses on determining a robot’s course of action based on its mission and understanding of the world, the actual execution of those decisions, and reinforcing the robot’s understanding of the world based on these decisions. This takes advantage of a newly-formed multi-level understanding of the world, specifically enabling real-world robots to make and execute decisions on a cognitive level. Operating at a cognitive level enables levels of autonomy not yet achieved, better scalability through more efficient processing, and avails humans and robots to communicate more effectively.

The company aims to achieve collaboration between a robot and its human operators. Lockheed Martin operates worldwide.

Company Leadership

Marillyn A Hewson, Chairman/President/CEO
Bruce L Tanner, Exec VP/CFO
Orlando D Carvalho, Exec VP: Aeronautics
Sondra L Barbour, Exec VP: Information Systems
Richards H Edwards, Exec VP: Missiles & Fire Control
Dale P Bennett, Exec VP: Mission Systems