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Washington, DC 20008
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Luvozo PBC is dedicated to developing and delivering solutions for senior living communities that improve resident safety and overall care. The company has expertise in mobile robotics, artificial intelligence, software development and mathematical modeling. Luvozo’s experienced team members have worked on cutting-edge technologies and projects at leading research universities and government agencies, including University of Pennsylvania, George Washington University, National Science Foundation, and Naval Research Laboratory.

As a public benefit corporation, social benefit through innovative robotics technology is not only a part of our culture, but it is at the very heart of our company. Founded in 2013, we have been focused on developing solutions for improving quality of life for older adults and persons with disabilities. In July 2015, we began testing our flagship product — Sam, the robotic concierge — in a leading senior living community in the D.C. metro area. Luvozo will initiate a beta program for Sam beginning Q1 2016.

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David Pietrocola, Co-founder & CEO
Jude Kessler, Co-founder & CTO

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Across the U.S., tens of thousands of assisted living communities are facing challenges as they try to provide the best care for their aging residents. Front-line staffing continues to be spread thinner and thinner, leading to stress, turnover, and cost creep for the facility. Additionally, insufficient monitoring contributes to preventable resident falls, a $30 billion health care problem. And for facility operators, they are the leading cause of costly lawsuits.

Luvozo is addressing this problem and changing the way residents interact with their senior living community. We’ve built Sam, an affordable and on-demand robotic concierge service that enhances caregiver resources to provide frequent check-ins and non-medical care for residents. We combine a self-driving robotic platform with trained off-site professionals to supplement staff for additional monitoring, socialization, and quicker call bell answering.

Our system creates the following benefits for community operators:

  • Increases resident check-ins and interactions per day
  • Enables object delivery and hydration schedules via Sam’s delivery mechanism
  • Reduces cost creep
  • Reduces call bell response time, one of the leading complaints among assisted living residents
  • Provide an unparalleled market differentiator in an increasingly competitive landscape
  • Increases non-intrusive monitoring for residents with high fall risk

Combined with existing fall risk interventions and adequate staffing levels, Luvozo’s innovative robot-as-a-service Sam platform can help senior living communities reduce fall occurrences and increase resident satisfaction and quality of life.


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