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Taunton, MA 02780
+1 508-677-0520

maxon precision motors inc. develops high-precision drive systems — brushed and brushless DC motors, gears, and control electronics. These intelligent drive systems can be custom-made to fit the specific needs of customer applications. Maxon provides innovative solutions for applications in the medical, robotics, industrial automation, and aerospace markets.

The company’s modular product range has constantly been expanded and now includes:

  • Brushless and brushed DC motors with ironless winding up to 500 W
  • Brushless flat motors with iron core up to 90 W
  • Planetary gearheads, spur gearheads, special gearheads
  • Sensors
  • servo amplifiers, position controllers
  • High-tech CIM and MIM components
  • Customized drives

Maxon’s motors provide high efficiency, low EMI emissions, fast acceleration, no preferred rotor position, linear speed and torque constant (accurate control), and long life. These motors range in size from 4 to 90 mm.

Numerous companies from various industries count on drive systems of maxon motor for their mission-critical applications. The company provides their solutions to various markets, such as industrial automation, medical technology, security technology, instrumentation, communications, and consumer applications.

Founded in 1980, the company is headquartered in Fall River, Mass. Maxon precision motors inc. operates as a subsidiary of maxon motor AG.