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San Francisco, CA 94103 United States

Its technology developers specialize in dexterous manipulation in unstructured environments, force controlled compliant actuation, human safe robotics, integrated mechatronic engineering, and the design of humanoid robots. Meka works closely with clients to provide hardware solutions, engineering services, and technology transfer of promising technologies.

Meka is a 2006 spin-off from the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab where its founders, Dr. Aaron Edsinger and Jeff Weber, developed the Domo humanoid robot under the direction of Professor Rodney Brooks.

Meka Robotics is also a partner, along with SRI International and Willow Garage, in Redwood Robotics. Redwood Robotics is a start-up company focused on commercializing an nexpensive range of modular robotic manipulators for the service and personal robotics industries.

Company Leadership

Aaron Edsinger, PhD, Co-founder
Jeff Weber, Co-founder