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Ankara, Ankara 06530 Turkey Mustafa Kemal

Milvus Robotics specializes in and offers a wide range of high quality, professional mobile robot platforms for the logistics industry.

Headquartered in Ankara, Turkey and serving the robotics needs of clients throughout the world, Milvus Robotics is focused on the research and development of advanced robotics systems.

As a fast growing robotics company, Milvus Robotics has made its mission to develop new technologies for the rapidly developing robotics industry, to explore the many different areas of application and to support the continuous development of its employees both individually and technically.

Existing AGV systems have some limitations: the infrastructure setup cost is high and they are really inflexible. When you want to change the workflow, patterns, or routes you have to go back and add more infrastructure costs. They are very limited in their flexibility. Thе flexibility аnd capability tо autonomously handle unpredictable obstacles mаkеѕ Milvus’ robots perfectly suited fоr dynamic transportation tasks with frequent changes.

The company aims to build a robot family that can be used in a variety of environments with different objectives.