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San Francisco, CA 94133 U.S. 434 Pacific Avenue

Founded in 2013, Modbot is the first industrial modular robotics platform.

After eyewitnessing the difficulties of prototyping with the current state of robotics, Modbot decided to create a modular robotics system that would be simple, affordable and agile.

The company aims to provide a complete robot development platform to empower all creators from large manufacturers to individual makers and hobbyists.

With the Modbot technology, the goal is to see solutions that will solve real world problems in manufacturing, education, engineering, and consumer industries.

Modbot delivers industrial quality robotics at affordable prices accessible to not only larger industrial firms but also educational institutions, and individual consumers. Using a system of reusable modules that snap together to create a variety of robotic configurations, the Modbot platform services many different applications.

Once the robot is assembled, the software allows the user to not only program the robot, but also track data analytics, create a 3D environment and generate User Interfaces.

Its modular robotics platform enables hobbyist, academics, students, and industry professionals to implement their creative technology projects.