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Naïo Technologies was created in 2011 to eliminate pesticides and chemical treatment of all farms, and help farmers to do the tasks the most painful. Naïo Technologies markets, designs and brings to market autonomous robots whose primary duties are to that assist the mechanical weeding and harvesting of vegetable farms: robots named OZ, COSI and ANATIS.

The goal of Naïo Technologies is to develop new technologies to all of the agriculture field to allow modern agriculture to be healthier, more productive and more environmental friendly.

After 2 successive rounds of crowdfunding, the team counts 14 employees. They have the full support of their shareholders, who share their convictions and understand the challenges the company has to meet. This 3rd round of fundraising will allow Naïo Technologies to reach a turnover of 1 million € and to hire 7 additional employees in 2016.

Company Leadership

Gaëtan Séverac
Aymeric Barthes