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Thompson, Connecticut 6277

NewBotic was founded in 2012 by Craig Doherty, a skilled engineer who possesses over 20 years of leadership, project management, and research. His technical talents highlight areas of engineering systems design and maintenance for projects related to the forensic, polymer, pharmaceutical, biological, biomedical, and agricultural markets.

NewBotic is an American automation, robotic and systems integrator, comprised of a network of specialized engineers who create innovative and cost-effective automation solutions to transform manufacturing and warehousing processes for a wide variety of industries nationally and internationally.

The mission of the Corporation’s founder and executive board members is three-fold:

1. To monetarily contract for and service automation projects with notable companies needing to streamline engineering systems and increase productivity through the use of robotics
2. To foster a movement through education and certification design for the novel and substantive training of young engineers who seeks careers in robotics, but do not receive detailed training through their two- or four-year academic degree programs. Succinctly, a shortage of robotics engineers exists in today’s workforce.
3. To match industry customers with NewBotic-endorsed student engineers to train on-site through a cooperative internship, thus providing customers with a workforce of erudite full-time paraprofessionals who can potentially transition into full-time, employed on-site robotics engineers.

Our focus is not only to become a profitable corporation, known for expert on-site, robotics and automation project management, but to implement the skill of Collective Intelligence (CI) – a key component of the NewBotic Corp. culture. CI is a peer-reviewed methodology poised to result in the ultimate solutions to complex problems that affect the cultures, emotional intelligence, and approaches to sound business and industry practices. CI is practiced regularly to improve the culture, training, and increased population of quality young robotic and automation engineers available to the industry workforce.

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To increase the number of professional robotics, automation and integrative systems engineers in the workforce by offering practical project management training to any academic engineering major through an internship or cooperative placement with a NewBotic-serviced company. Completion will result in NewBotic certification and potential job placement for the student intern.


Companies seeking student engineering interns to add an automation or robotic component to their production processes.

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Components Providers, Design Partners, Investment Capital, Manufacturing Partners, Marketing Partners, Technology Staff