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4550 Norris Canyon Road, Suite 150, San Ramon, CA 94583
(925) 245-3400

Omron Adept Technologies Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets robots for the electronics, telecommunications, appliances, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and automotive components industries. They are a leading provider of intelligent vision-guided robotics systems and services.

The company provides cost-effective robotics systems and services to a broad range of industries including manufacturing, warehouse/logistics, electronics, semiconductor as well as to traditional industrial markets such as machine tool automation and automotive components.

Omron Adept’s product range includes application software, integrated real-time vision and multi-axis motion controls, machine vision systems and software, autonomous navigation software and controls, industrial robots and grippers, autonomous service robots, intelligent automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and advanced vision-based flexible parts feeders.

Adept joined the Omron Corporation in October 2015 and is now part of the acceleration of OMRON’s “ILO+S” (Input, Logic, Output, and Safety) strategy for its Industrial Automation Business. This unit provides automation solutions for the manufacturing industries.

The company’s specialized Autonomous Indoor Vehicles, such as Lynx, provide fully automated, point-to-point and direct movement of goods to transform conventional material handling vehicles into mobile robots. Robots powered by Adept’s Motivity Core are people aware and work in existing facilities with minimal to no retrofits.

Adept Mobile products are able to safely and easily deliver goods and materials within dynamic environments. This reduces manual transport tasks, shortens turnaround time, and increases operational efficiency.

Adept’s industrial robot product line includes Cobra SCARA robots, Viper six-axis (articulated) robots, and Quattro + Hornet parallel robots.

Their aim is to create an integrated automation solution for the manufacturing floor that includes everything from programmable logic controllers (PLC) and sensors to motion controls and robotics.

Omron Adept markets, distributes, and supports its products across the globe, directly and through channel partners.

Company Leadership

Nigel Blakeway, Chairman and CEO

Rob Cain, President

Terry Hannon, Chief Marketing Officer

Deron Jackson, Chief Technology Officer