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Open Source Robotics Foundation, Inc. (OSRF) is an independent non-profit organization founded by members of the global robotics community. The mission of OSRF is to support the development, distribution, and adoption of open source software for use in robotics research, education, and product development.

In that capacity, OSRF creates software, shephards a vital and extensive community, and has created an infrastructure for researchers to share code, for developers to build useful and commercially viable robotic applications with minimal duplication of engineering efforts.

OSRF provides stewardship of two projects that have large established communities and user bases throughout the world – ROS and Gazebo.

The first initiative of OSRF was been participation in the DARPA Robotics Challenge, but ROS and Gazebo are being utilized now by hundreds of businesses and thousands and researchers.

There are now over 14 million lines of code in ROS that has been collectively produced by 2477 authors.

ROS is now the de facto standard certainly in research labs, both academic and industrial; but more interestingly over the last few years in industry itself.

New and exciting robotics startups such as Savioke, Fetch Robotics, Rethink Robotics, Piaggio Fast Forward, Simbe Robotics and more are built on top of ROS. Without ROS and OSRF’s spearheading efforts, the field of robotics would not be where it is today.

Company Leadership

Roberta Friedman, Chief Financial Officer, Founder
Brian Gerkey, Chief Executive Officer, Founder
John Hsu, Chief Scientist, Founder
Nate Koenig, Chief Technology Officer, Founder
Steffi Paepcke, Lead UX Designer, Founder
Morgan Quigley, Chief Architect, Founder