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1043 Budapest, Aradi utca 16, Budapest H-1043 Hungary
(914) 506-7947

OptoForce is a Budapest, Hungary based hi-tech company founded in 2012. The story of the company started as a university project when the two founders of the company – Ákos Tar Ph.D. and József Veres Ph.D. were studying bionics and robotics in the same class at university. They started a project to build a two-legged robot. One of the focus areas was to develop the senses of the robot so they needed to measure forces acting on the leg along the X-Y-Z axes. They developed a layered structure in which silicone would actually change its form more under a greater load and this made measurement in all directions possible.

OptoForce is supported by renowned investors, such as Hungarian venture capitalists Day One Capital, Finext Startup and Momentum as well as Enrico Krog Iversen, former CEO of Universal Robots.

The company now works to bring force control to the masses in industrial automation, by producing multi-axial force/torque sensors with a revolutionary, optical technology. OptoForce equips industrial robots with a sense of touch so that more tasks can be automated and time can be saved.

Ákos Dömötör, CEO of OptoForce explains: “Many tasks require the dexterity of the human hand. At OptoForce we aim to give this sense of touch to the robots.” This leads to efficiency during production. The company has global presence, the main markets are the US, Asia and Europe.

What does OptoForce do?

OptoForce 6 multi-axial force/torque sensors provide measurement in 6 axes, with freedom force and torque measurement, designed for industrial automation applications that require human hand dexterity.

Our sensors are of high durability and designed with force control to fit for current use in industrial robot arms and allow robots to carry out polishing, assembly, stacking, and palletizing tasks fast and with high precision. Other typical applications include: teach in activities; crash detection; hand guidance tasks; fix and rotate; connectors insertion; peg insertion or pin-in-the hole tasks; used next to end effectors in case of grinding, polishing, deburring, finishing, and even arc welding.

OptoForce’s HEX-E and HEX-H are sold through a global network of distributors primarily to systems integrator companies. The HEX-E and HEX-H hardware and software helps to shorten the systems integration time, as users have less programming to do when using the sensors, as well as the significant time savings derived from automating precision-oriented tasks. OptoForce sensors provide a cost-effective yet smart solution. High durability and an unlimited number of custom opportunities resemble all of OptoForce’s sensor types. Integration with various available interfaces is simple.