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South San Francisco, California 94080

Organic Electrics follows a biomimicry and hand built design philosophy for constructing robotics. More people globally have access to craft materials and art supplies, than 3D printers or programmable microcontrollers, making the demand for DIY robot construction a huge and untapped community.

Organic Electrics bridges the gap between these traditional craft techniques and electronic engineering, starting a new wave of at-home robotics construction.

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John Epsey

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Creating robots is a challenge for the common global citizen to engage in. New kits are sold which help get people started with servos and microcontrollers, but these kits are limited in scope and are still too expensive to reach the homes of billions of people. In order to have robotics be a commonplace, approachable project, we need to demonstrate how the simplest circuits and craft techniques can get people moving. Once this happens, the global climate of integrated electronics will completely change, and circuit design will become a global craft.


Global mass market DIY robotics

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Design Partners, Investment Capital, Manufacturing Partners, Marketing Partners, Technology Staff