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Coventry University Technology Park, Puma Way Coventry CV1 2TT United Kingdom

Ortelio Ltd is a research focused company, working on cloud robotics. They are developing applications that give robots intelligence to take over human tasks.

The company works together with robot manufacturers and user groups, to co-create solutions with a great potential to enter the market. They believe in open innovation, user and citizen engagement, and participatory action research.

Their cloud work relies on current state-of-the-art frameworks: Robot Operating System (ROS), OpenCV, CMU Sphinx, and OpenNI.

Using their cloud platform enriches applications because objects, faces, sounds, voices, locations, and many other things, can be shared across different robots  enabling cooperation of robots in a novel manner.

The company is already applying their cloud based solutions in the creation and delivery of service robotics applications for the elderly (offering cognitive assistance, geriatric assessment, and companionship). Their solutions can be used in various other domains and fields, such as medical and clinical, children education, entertainment, agriculture, manufacturing and shop-floor operations, drones and unmanned vehicles, monitoring and security, etc.

Ortelio’s Robotic Applications Platform (RAPP) aims to deliver key elements to students, academics, researchers and the industry: easy and fast development; re-usability of robot apps; and distributed processing.

The platform is a 3-tier system, aspiring to support all Unix-based Robots, wrap around existing ROS functionality, and provide APIs in C++, JavaScript and Python. Furthermore, the platform enables different robots to share information and gain knowledge.