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1425 Strasburg Rd , Suite 2A , Kitchener, ON N2R 1H2 Canada

OTTO Motors, a division of Clearpath Robotics Inc., provides self-driving vehicles designed exclusively for indoor material transport. The vehicles operate with infrastructure-free navigation, offering intelligent, safe, efficient, and reliable transportation within industrial centers.

The division’s flagship product, OTTO, is a self-driving vehicle designed exclusively for material transport in industrial environments. It is an evolution of the automated guided vehicle (AGV) and uses advanced sensors and artificial intelligence to provide flexible automation that does not require fixed infrastructure (no beacons, magnetic tape or pre-defined laser paths).

There are two form factors for the vehicle: The OTTO 1500, which carries 1500 kg/3400 lb payloads, and the OTTO 100, which carries 100 kg/224 lb payloads. Both systems can drive over 4 miles per hour and they can be outfitted with different appliances to fit the needs of the facility. Appliances vary based on the model and can include a lift, conveyor, shelf, or cart.

The OTTO solution provides obstacle detection and avoidance, and dynamically moves through facilities in the most efficient manner to reach its destination point. The system runs virtually 24/7 because it uses opportunity charging, meaning it autonomously docks and charges itself throughout the day when it does not have a task assigned to it. The OTTO self-driving vehicles offer the reliability of an AGV, the efficiency of a conveyor and the flexibility of a person.

The system is designed to enable flexible, efficient, safe material transport and yield ROI in as little as 15 months from integration.

OTTO was designed to ensure production lines run smoothly and with the capability to withstand the harshest working environments.